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Beauty - Holistic - Physiotherapy - Hypnotherapy

Bringing out the best in you!

Suitable for both Men & Women

Microblading - semi permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner & blush)

Whether it be a subtle natural or dramatic look you're after Microblading is specifically aimed at improving the appearance of eyebrows, eyelids & lips implanting pigments into the upper layer of the skin (dermis) & will last between 1 & 2 years.

Ideal for thinning brows, over-tweezed, sparse or patchy brows or thinning lips. Our Aesthetically trained staff are committed to achieving perfection & will create a bespoke look for each individual.

Microblading at Chrysalis - we currently have 20% off 

  • Hairstrokes            £275
  • Ombre soft powder effect)                   £285
  • Eyeliner - top application            £175
  • Eyeliner - top & bottom                               £275
  • Lipliner                  £225
  • Lipblush & lipliner                                       £325

Top-up (prices for existing clients only)

Within 3 months       £50

Within 6 months       £90 

Within 12 months     £125

After 1 year             £150

After 18 months       £175