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Beauty - Holistic - Physiotherapy - Hypnotherapy

Bringing out the best in you!

07792 391563

Suitable for both Men & Women

Makeovers, short courses, skincare lessons Makeovers, short courses, skincare lessons Makeovers Fed up of the way you look? - Hair & Beauty makeovers to make you feel human again - ideal as a gift for someone, mums needing some TLC or if you want to change the way you look! 176606253 Short Courses Qualified Tutor offers short courses in makeup lessons, skincare, massage at home and simple reflexology 176606258 Skincare & Makeup Lessons If you're tired of your old look or have problem skin you can receive a one-to-one lesson from a qualified tutor on how to look after your skin and apply makeup to enhance your features 176606259 205848960